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Real haystacks

Old stomping ground

More than 20 years after leaving the small seaside town of Streaky Bay as an eight year old, my wife and I headed over the other side of the Eyre Peninsula to visit. It hasn’t changed too much other than generally being tidied up – it could win a tidy town award if they still run them. After a year of work it was an ideal place to unwind. We went via Port Lincoln where we stayed for a few days (see my other stories on these destinations), and broke up the drive a bit by looking at some of the sights along the western Eyre Peninsula around Elliston.
Lock’s Well is a great salmon fishing beach not far out of Elliston. You used to have to scale down a cliff face to get to the beach, but they have built a walkway so it’s a lot safer. The beach is just a little stretch of rich yellow sand in between what is otherwise a rocky coastline mainly with cliff formations. It looked like we were the only people to have gone onto the beach that day as ours were the only footprints in the sand.
We then did the cliff-top drive just north of Elliston. Along the drive, we stopped to have a look at the ten or so surfers at Blackfellows which is a famous surf break (and obviously named before the days of political correctness?). They haven’t got to building a walkway which the local surfers would prefer – it is a fairly harrowing effort to scale down the cliff, and then a long paddle out to the break which is a fair way off shore. It looked like it would be worth it though - it is a powerful wave.
One of the highlights of the drive around the Elliston cliffs was the sculptures which are all by local artists. There is some really great art out there and it’s quite surreal being in such a remote location.
When we arrived at Streaky Bay it was like a trip back in time. Funnily enough the town seemed a lot smaller than when I was there last. It’s certainly a different pace to even a small city like Adelaide. If sitting on the foreshore letting the day go by is not your cup of tea there’s plenty of other stuff to do in Streaky. There is world class surfing (which if they’re trying to keep that secret its not working because there were plenty of surfers enjoying the break), good fishing, and interesting rock formations to look at. The rocky coastline has plenty of spectacular cliff formations to look at. Murphy's Haystacks are just out of Streaky Bay and are intersting rock formations that look like haystacks.
The Shell service station has a model replica of the world record Great White Shark caught out of the bay by Streaky Bay local Dion Gilmore in 1990. Apparently it was caught with 50 pound line – the trick was that they roped the tail when it was next to the boat – once you’ve got it’s tail they aren’t going anywhere. It weighed over two-tonne and you wouldn’t want to get near it – Lauren could fit her entire torso into it’s jaws!

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Tommy Turtlewrote on 30 Dec 2009, at 01:32 PM

I must admit I'm a wannabe photgrapher

Christine Pirottawrote on 30 Dec 2009, at 12:48 PM

Amazing photos Tommy Turtle. Looks like you had a great time away!


Tommy Turtle

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