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Gosse Bluff

Submitted by: Charita Ratnatunga
05 Jul 2014
Location: Northern Territory (0) Comments
We were on our way to Glen Helen Gorge from Ulhuru when we thought of dropping by at Gosse Bluff. The turn off is from the Namatjira Drive(heading to Glen Helen) which is classified at a 4WD track. The track is easy and takes you to the centre of the crater where there are some recreational facilities. We did this in Dec in excessive heat. It is advisable to avoid the hotter months of Dec and Jan. According to Aboriginal belief, Tnorala was formed in the creation time, when a group of women danced across the sky as the Milky Way. During this dance, a mother put her baby aside, resting in it’s wooden baby-carrier (tarne - pronounced tar-na). The carrier toppled over the edge of the dancing area and crashed to earth where it was transformed into the circular rock walls of Tnorala. The Aboriginal and scientific interpretation of the Bluff are similar in that both have a celestial origin. Scientists believe that around 142.5 million years ago an object from space, believed to be a comet about 600 metres wide, crashed to earth, blasting a crater some 20 km across. Today’s land surface is about 2 km lower than the original impact surface and the bluff is about 5 km in diameter, reduced over time by erosion. There are some walks that take you to vantage points in the rim of the crater. These give an appreciation of the expanse and the magnitude of the crater. Gosse bluff is definitely worth a visit and worth spending some time to take in the crater.

Charita Ratnatunga

Mitsubishi Pajero

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