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Eddystone Lighthouse - Photo: Geoff Murray, with thanks to Tourism Tasmania.

#3 of Tasmanian Top Ten by Hook, Line and Sinker.

Submitted by: HookLine andSinker
15 Jun 2010
Location: Ansons Bay, Tasmania (0) Comments
Anson’s Bay
One of the hotspots for those increasingly famous jumbo Tasmanian Black Bream, either in the bay proper or up the beautiful Anson’s River you are in with a good chance of landing a bream over the mythical 40cm mark. The bay provides plenty of bait gathering opportunities and there isn’t a bream alive that will swim past a lightly weighted, freshly caught Bass Yabby. In the bay concentrate your efforts in some of the weedless, deeper holes just off the main channel. Lure fishermen will be better served in the river casting soft plastics at sunken timber and rock ledges.
With thanks to the team at Hook, Line and Sinker.


HookLine andSinker

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