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Environmental Problem

Submitted by: Duncan Burdett
11 Aug 2012
Location: Brisbane
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    I have just purchased a new Platinum
    series Pajero, and I am regretting it. Apart from the "toys" not working when in motion, like bluetooth, MMCS and poor radio reception, I find that other drivers are flashing angrily at me because they lose visability when driving behind me because of the smoke pouring out of my exhaust when I am accellereate to overtake or join a motorway. I have driven diesels for the last 6 years and not had a problem like this. Obviously as it is brand new and under warranty I have taken the vehicle back several times, and each time the computer is plugged in and I am told there is nothing wrong!!!!  They have come out for a drive with me and the car behaved itself??? After joining this web site I shall video the smoke and upload it as the dealership has no answers other than implying "I must be dreaming"
    Can anyone help me with this lemon, I would like to get my money back, or at least most of it and buy a proper diesel car.

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    Duncan Burdettwrote on 26 Oct 2012, at 03:21 PM

    Hi Jo, thanks for the offer, I've been back to Motorama several times and the problem is a little better. You are correct about the MMCS system, it is useless. it will not allow change of directions in motion and the bluetooth voice control has been deactivated in this model???. I tried the disc player and it has not switched off since. Motorama is unable to order a replacement until I take the car in and they take it out to look at the serial number. This will take another hour of my life.

    Jo McCarthywrote on 26 Oct 2012, at 01:24 PM

    Hi Duncan I too have just purchased a Pajero Activ (diesel) but as it is only 4 days old no issues around emissions yet. since you are in Brisbane happy to follow you around (not in a stalker kind of way) to video the problem if that will assist. my only issue is with the Iphone to MMCS connection - can't download the phone book - every time I do anything other than play music the bluetooth disconnects. The toys not working "in motion" assumes you don't have a passenger - so also annoying.

    Duncan Burdett

    Mitsubishi Pajero

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