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Dirt roads
Because it's a big country with a relatively tiny population, once you're in the backblocks of Austr

Terrain Tackling: Rockhopping
For the novice four-wheel driver, rocky terrain is the most daunting and potentially vehicle damagin

Tips on Driving to the Tip
The journey from Cairns to Cape York is a long one ??“ almost 1000kms

Terrain Tackling: Outback Roads
Every driving circumstance - whether it's slow, low range four-wheel driving or simply cruising the

Long Distance Driving & Towing
4WDs (and Pajeros in particular) have been designed to be long distance tourers

Beach Driving
As long as you have the right techniques under your belt...

Snow & Ice Driving Techniques
Snow-driving savvy should begin long before you hit the slopes. Many people, anxious to maximise the

Getting through the winter
Frosty weather, red wine, cosying up near the fireplace... In some parts of Australia, winter wonder

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Lord Howe Island - an amazing trip to some of Aust...

Lord Howe Island   Even though it’s probably not somewhere you can drive to (need a Triton that floats) the boys from Hook, Line and Sinker recently made the journey to one of the most spec...

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