Q: Can I join and upload stories if I don't own a Mitsubishi?
A: Absolutely. We don't mind what car you own, this site is for everyone so we'd love you to be involved.
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Q: I've registered but haven't received a confirmation email.
A: It's possible the email was delivered but has accidently been marked as spam by your email program. Try checking your junk folder.
If you still can't find the email, please let us know.
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Q: How can I search for people I know on 4WD4life?
A: You can search for people by typing their name in the “search” box at the top of the page and clicking on the “find” button. Another way is to enter their name or email address into the “Find another member” section of the Advanced Search area.
You can also browse through members by clicking on 'Members' at the top of every page.
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Q: How can I find stories about a particular location?
A: To find a place of interest, you can search by typing the name of the location in the “search” box at the top of the page and clicking on the “find” button.
You can also search for stories about a particular location via the interactive map, but please note that some members may not have plotted their story against the map.
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Q: How can I search by keyword?
A: You can search for a keyword by typing it in the “search” box at the top of the page and clicking on the “find” button.
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Q: What do I do if I find something another member has uploaded inappropriate?
A: The 4WD4life team is constantly monitoring the site to ensure that nothing offensive is displayed. On the rare occasion that something is deemed inappropriate the 4WD4life team may remove or edit the item accordingly. If you do come across something you feel is inappropriate please let us know by clicking on �Report this� (visible when you're logged in) or by sending us a note using the form below.
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Q: I am trying to upload a photo but it's not working, what can I do?
A: Photos must be no more than 10MB each, if your images are too large, you will need to resize them before uploading, there are various image programs that do this on different computers. Files must be JPG, GIF or PNG, other file types are not compatible. Also please note that all photos uploaded must be in an album � even if it is an individual photo it must be uploaded within an album.
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Q: How do I upload a video?
A: Videos add a fantastic dimension to your 4WD stories.
Uploading a video is quite simple and only takes a few minutes:
Step 1: Upload your video to a website like YouTube. Find out how
Step 2: Once you've done so, YouTube will give you an 'embed code'. You'll see this to the right of your video. It will look like this:
Step 3: Right click on this code until it's highlighted, and select 'copy'.
Step 4: Paste this 'embed code' into this field.
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Q: How do I add a map to my story?
A: When you add a story, you can also add a map to show where the story took place. Once you have done this, your story will be visible on the 4WD4life's main map as well as your profile's map.
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Q: I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
A: Select the forgot my password option underneath the login box. We will reset your password and send your new password to the email address you used to join 4WD4life.
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Q: What's RSS?
A: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. In basic terms, it allows you to see the latest content from one website, on another website. For instance, by subscribing to the 4WD4life RSS feeds (which you can view through an RSS reader such as www.igoogle.com, www.netvibes.com and some of the latest internet browsers have inbuilt readers) you can get the latest 4WD4life updates even when you're not on the 4WD4life website! Then, if you're interested in an article or a new story, you can click through to the 4WD4life website to find out more.
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Q: How do I stop receiving email alerts relating to my favourites and updates on my stories?
A: You can change these settings in your profile page. Just go to Edit Profile within your profile page.
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Q: I would like to contact Mitsubishi regarding their vehicles. What should I do?
A: If you have a comment or question about Mitsubishi or any of their vehicles, you can contact the Customer Assistance Centre on 1300 13 12 11 or submit your query through the Contact Us area at mitsubishi-motors.com.au
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