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4WD4life is an initiative from the team at Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

With more than 25 years of 4WD motoring in Australia, we continually encounter a variety of amazing stories - and we thought this website would be an ideal forum in which to share them.

In keeping with our "love that car" philosophy, we're extremely passionate about the enjoyment your car can bring - and we wanted to create an online resource where 4WD owners could share their stories and inspire others. As such, we created tools to help you chat about your 4WD trips, upload photos and videos, create maps of your journeys, meet like-minded people, and get all kinds of valuable tips to help you on your next trip into the great outdoors. Importantly, this website is not just about Mitsubishi 4WDs or 4WDing in general - no matter what car you own, you'll find something to inspire you and we'd love to hear from you.

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Featured Destinations

  • Loveday 4x4 Park

      Loveday 4x4 Park   This Southern Australian 4WD paradise is located two hours east of Adelaide, and exists over 8000 acres of off road fun! Basically, the facility exists as ...

  • Nullarbor Plain

    The vast Nullarbor Plain is the world's largest limestone karst landscape. It's a worthy drive, and a long one. Along the way there is much to see such as the spectacular Bunda Cli...

  • Mallee Quads

    Mallee Quads   Mallee Quad Bikes is located just beyond Murray Bridge, and is run by park creator David Hancock and his family. David constructed this off road wonderla...


Our Stories

  • John & Carys

    When John retired from full time work, he felt the urge to take his Pajero on a trip from Vladivostok (Russia’s largest port city on the Pacific Ocean) to London.

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  • The Creek family

    We've been on the road now for three months. We packed up the house, the caravan and our five children to create a special memory.

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  • The Wilsons

    After I broke my leg five years ago I had to take nine months off work so my husband, John decided to buy a Pajero and take our entire family around Australia.

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  • Jack Lange

    I didn't think there was any gold left in Australia to find with metal detectors and thought only dreamers and fools chased gold.

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